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Baked Bags Cookies & Cream
Miriam C. 9/12/23 US | FIVE STARS ***** Absolutely fantastic delicious little treat!! Uplifting and honestly had me so giggly 😂 in the best way! 100% recommended
Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp

Atricia E. 8/7/2023 US | FIVE STARS ***** I recommend this product! Works as promised!! Wonderful results, been using over a year! Great company & customer service!
Full Spectrum Organic CBD

Asheville Hemp Project

Miguel M. 9/3/23 US | FIVE STARS ***** I love this product! They Blended it with olive oil for flavor and food compatibility, this oil is clean with a high quality dose of CBD that is 3% THC. You will never use another CBD oil after this! WOW!!
Seven Points CBD

1000MG Body Repair Balm

Michelle 09/16/2023 US | FIVE STARS ***** This is MIRACLE cream!! I’m a 36 year old female, and can honestly tell you this stuff is AMAZING! I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left kneecap. I received a cortisone shot In my knee and it is very pricey. I ran across this product and used it on my knee and the eucalyptus/menthol feeling takes effect right away, I used it consistently for 3-4 days and now the pain has completely subsided. I highly recommend this product! And plan on purchasing more product from this company in the near future!
All the Smoke Vape Bundle

MELEE Vape Bundle

10/16/2023 Matthew M. US | FIVE STARS ***** Blueberry Mutant Wedding Cake OMG! I had zero idea what to expect?! But from the first draw I knew this stuff was gonna be trouble. Do not make any plans or use before work. This stuff is fire and y’all know it! Thanks for the great product and great service! I bought 4 more!!
Davinci IQC Vaporizer

Davinci IQC Vaporizer

Miguel M. 7/5/2023 US | FIVE STARS ***** Everything about this Vaporizer is EPIC! I love the Precision Temperature control. It takes 30 Seconds to Heat-up. The Removable Battery works great for like to 2 hours! GREAT for dry herb, and they look amazing!!
A Pot for Pot

A Pot For Pot

James B. 04/18/2023 US | FIVE STARS ***** I was blown away and overwhelmed by the amount of product that I received. Also, I appreciate the $40 discount coupon for seeds thank you. My seeds are pushing through the soil within a day, WOWWWW!!! I will keep you posted on my progress!